About Culture Clash

48 talented dancers will take over the city of Amsterdam from 20 till 30 October 2023 and will train for the show on 29 October.

The intercultural dance week Culture Clash, organized by Build Your Dream foundation, is an international exchange project in Amsterdam with 48 dancers from the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, France, Poland, Sweden, Turkiye and Italy. This year Culture Clash Impact will take place from 20 till 30 October.

During this project, the participants will share and present their individual experiences, culture and various dance styles. Each group consists of five dancers and a coach. We will disassemble these groups. In each new group there will be someone from each country, so we create mixed groups with different nationalities, dance styles, habits and cultures. This ‘clash of cultures’ is the main topic of the project. So each coach gets a new group of five dancers. These groups will create a dance performance together, that will be presented during the try out and the final show in theatre Podium Mozaïek in Amsterdam Sunday 29 October 2023. This dance performance is not just an act, but it is a dance expression of cultural diversity represented in the group.


The participants all have different backgrounds and all have different experiences. By taking dance as a tool, we put the participants in their familiar surroundings. Participants will train intensively for a week with each other, so they get to know each other better. In the end, they will have developed a bond with each other. They all share the same passion and love for dance and music.

Even though sometimes it is difficult to communicate with each other… dance is the universal language!